Sell Or Rent The House

Mom's New pad

As a homeowner, you may consider more than one solution regarding what to do with your home.

You may keep it for rental income, or allow younger family members to live in it. Or you may simply want to be done with the upkeep and bills. As hard as it may seem, selling the house is an excellent solution for many. We can refer you to the best realtor in your neighborhood.

Because we know this is not easy, Mom’s New Pad will help you prepare the house for sale, and find you the best realtor in the neighborhood who  will find you a buyer to love your home as you have.


Mom’s New Pad provides senior placement in retirement communities at NO COST to you! We begin with a free, no-obligation, one-hour visit. We will come to your home to discuss your plan for moving and downsizing with you and family members. After a thorough interview with you and your family about your needs, desires, and budget, we narrow down the potential communities, then take you and family members for tours, and insure that you ask all the right questions. We check the companies’ ratings on governmental websites. We help you understand the costs, and manage expectations. When moving day comes, we are there to make sure everything goes right! The professional downsizers and movers will bill you directly.


Mom’s New Pad is private-pay only and does not accept Medicare or insurance of any kind. Services do not cover medical, legal or financial advice of any kind.


“If you make the customer a promise, make sure you deliver it.” ~ Merv Griffin