Are You Worried About Your Aging Parents?

You’re Not Alone

Countless people are facing the same issues. I understand this situation very well, both personally and professionally. 

What’s going to help you the most? A well-thought-out plan

My approaches to planning are based on experience with hundreds of families. I understand the change and uncertainty that you, as a family, are facing.

These transitions are daunting at best. But there’s one thing I know for sure. I can help you face these issues with more ease and peace of mind. 

I’m a senior placement specialist, and I’ll be at your side throughout the process of transitioning your parent to a safer, healthier, more supportive environment. 


You can relax a bit when you have a plan. 

You’re now seeing the writing on the wall. Your aging parent is beginning to decline, needing more and more help.

All of your family members may not agree, but it’s clear to all of you that your loved one is at risk. Every family’s situation is different, and no one knows how to do it perfectly. Here are some warning signs: Your elder is feeling socially isolated, not eating properly, getting little to no exercise and at serious risk for falling.

These decisions are difficult, no doubt. I know you want to do the right thing for your loved ones.  Each family has a unique set of family dynamics between parents and siblings which must be navigated as respectfully as possible.

There is no perfect road map for this journey, and that’s why I’m here to guide you through the process.

While I have a decade of experience working with families in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can also help you place your loved one closer to where you live.

I can work with you and your parent in person, by phone, Zoom and texting. If there is another way to make things easier for you, just let me know. I’m ready when you are.




“Millie Anderson at Mom’s New Pad is the most competent, reliable and responsive placement specialist you will ever find. She is highly skilled, knows the ins and outs of finding the right place for an aging adult and she does it with grace and courtesy. I have known Millie for years. I recommend her to anyone considering options for a new living situation for your aging loved ones. She will relieve your distress in making that decision!

~Carolyn Rosenblatt, San Rafael, CA